LOG 4.4: Defense on Monday

11th April 2014 Hello, I submitted my thesis on the 7th of March and my defense is on 14th April, the coming Monday at 11am. I present my studies for half an hour and then face questions from the committee and audience for the next half an hour or so. [Read More]

LOG 4.2: The beginning of the End

20th December 2013 Hello everyone, So, it’s been a long silence. Three months and no word. How are you? As some of you may have seen on fb, my first first-author paper got accepted a few weeks ago and published this week. [Read More]

LOG 1.24: Coming home :)

5th August, 2011 This time next week, I will be home. I can’t tell you how excited I am! When I was translating a song which talked about Idlys in one line, /2011/07/29/balailakka-balailakka-lyrics-and-translation-with-end-notes/ I looked them up to share an image link for those readers who don’t know what it is. [Read More]

Letters from Oldenburg, Germany 1.1: And so it Begins!

6th December, 2010 Hello All!! Winter is a strange season to start a new thing anywhere. Mainly because places seem most uninhabitable in this season. But here I am, sitting in mz new office, struggling with ? [Read More]

LfE 14: Traveling to Slough

15/12/2009 Hello everyone! Hope this letter finds you all in good health. My adventures are more mobile now. I’m on the train to Slough to visit family for the holidays. [Read More]

Dialogues III

Dear readers, I’ve finally started to shed my inertia and write properly again. Here is the next set of Dialogues we had. J: Just to clarify, was it the Old Testament which said the earth was flat? [Read More]