Sunnyvale Letters (SVL) 1: Wedding and After

June 21st 2014 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🙂 I woke up at 5am because of jetlag and my husband, Santosh, is still sleeping. I’ve been wanting to write every day of the last month but things have been so busy. [Read More]

LOG 4.4: Defense on Monday

11th April 2014 Hello, I submitted my thesis on the 7th of March and my defense is on 14th April, the coming Monday at 11am. I present my studies for half an hour and then face questions from the committee and audience for the next half an hour or so. [Read More]

LOG 4.1: Thoughts on a rainy afternoon

14th September 2013 Hello everyone, I live close to the Uni so my daily space is very small. But recently I have visited my old flatmate Lea in Bremen once for dinner and once for their housewarming party. [Read More]

Introduction to the Indian Caste System

Let me introduce you to the caste system in India. There are four main castes usually listed in the following order; The Castes Brahmins, the teachers, and priests who occupied themselves with the task of performing common ceremonies such as weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and house-warming as well as yagnas and other religious activities. [Read More]

LOG 1.18: A friend visits

31st May, 2011 Hello, Hope this finds all of you in good health and happiness. Today I had the first day of a MATLAB workshop which will last all week except Thursday which is a holiday for us. [Read More]

The Risks involved in Love and Babies

I lead a straightforward and simple life. I work, have light conversations with my colleagues during lunch, come back to my flat, cook, hang out with my flatmates or other friends, read, sing, Skype with family and friends in other countries, and watch series like Star Trek and Grey’s Anatomy. [Read More]

All hot air

I asked my brother and my father and they both said I have never been on a hot air balloon ride to their knowledge. If this happened, it was definitely more than 12 years ago with some friends, in Australia, because it feels like an old memory. [Read More]