All hot air

I have probably never been on a hot air balloon but I can remember the experience. The large mass of deflated material which was to be the balloon, the basket in which we were to stand, the thick ropes which tied us to the ground and the blue blast of fire from a metallic tube-shaped apparatus above us which filled up the balloon with hot air allowing it to take shape. There were at least two more balloons all going to take off together and the people in them were also people I knew. I think the balloon I was in was red/orange, yellow and blue but this is a wild guess. It is very possible that this is my idea of what a hot air balloon should look like. But the other balloon was green and blue. I remember someone saying that it is better to fly on these when there isn´t much wind. It was a clear day. I remember the sound of the blue blast of flames distinctly and that they had a mechanism for blasting it more in one or another direction to change the direction. Someone explained all this to us. I also remember the silent tug of the lift off but I think I asked for it to stop at this point because of my fear of heights, and got out before it was untied.

I asked my brother and my father and they both said I have never been on a hot air balloon ride to their knowledge. If this happened, it was definitely more than 12 years ago with some friends, in Australia, because it feels like an old memory. Apart from knowing that I knew the people I went with, I don´t remember any other details of who they were. It is strange how real this feels when one understands it is not real. Maybe it was just a dream which I was reminded of. Some neuronal mix up. All hot air.

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