LOG 4.4: Defense on Monday

11th April 2014


I submitted my thesis on the 7th of March and my defense is on 14th April, the coming Monday at 11am. I present my studies for half an hour and then face questions from the committee and audience for the next half an hour or so. I have been practicing in front of my group and incorporating feedback so it looks pretty good now. My colleagues have been so helpful and sweet. I need to work on the smoothness of the presentation and do some reading for possible questions in the time remaining.

Also to report, I moved from my old flat to my friend Ling’s place a little further from the Uni. She has a very sweet cat called Bona. But as I learnt I was allergic I don’t touch her directly – or I wash directly after – so I don’t have any issues with her anymore. In fact Ling traveled for a few weeks in the middle and I took care of her all by myself. I’ve also been trying to catch up properly with friends one by one so the goodbye process is well underway. I’ve remained pretty stable through it all, maybe I’m just too stressed with all the things I need to wind up before I leave that emotion has no space.

I’ve been giving away stuff, collecting clothes to give and overall lessening how much I need to carry back to India with me. I’ve also received gifts from my friends. Very thoughtful ones and light ones perfect for me to take around easily. Everyone’s been so nice to me and with spring, bunnies on the fields, flowers and new leaves, it seems like Oldenburg is loathe to let me go. It is hard to leave. But I’d rather not think about that right now.

I will fly out from here, stop for 2 days in Dubai to spend time with Santosh’s sister and her husband and then reach India. It will be a different kind of arriving this time. I hope to finally experience the joys and rushes of being a bride in preparation. The wedding is in early June and we leave to SFO, US from Coimbatore.

So that’s a full update.

Wish me luck. Once I finish here I’ll add new people to the mailing list to keep in touch with and share my new experiences with. 🙂

I hope all is well with you. Do write to me though I may reply only much later.



14th April 2014

Thank you for all the good wishes sent my way. Today the defense went very smoothly and I’m very happy.

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