LOG 4.3: Another Publication and Plans

13the February, 2014

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to report my second paper was accepted for publication today. It will become available in another few weeks. Thesis work is progressing well overall. I’ve been working from home a lot recently as it is easier to write like this. I can access food anytime, sing as much as I want without disturbing anyone, and work as late as I want without the hassle of getting to and from the office.

Meanwhile wedding preparations are in full swing at home. Catering, invitations, house painting, lists of things to do, etc. I’m not in that zone but I’m called to think about things related to the preparations, honeymoon, what to wear, which format is better etc. I realise I’m very lucky to have my parents who want to and can do so much of the organisation. I don’t have to worry or run around for anything. I think I’m quite spoilt actually.

The current plan is to finish the thesis defense in April, be home at least by early May, do what I can then to prepare. Early June I get married and by end of June I would’ve moved to California, USA. Moving continents yet again. The difference this time is that I won’t be alone. (I will have my husband! Husband, the word is unfamiliar in my usage but it feels warm and rosy.) Once I get there, since it’s a pretty diverse place and people speak English it won’t be long before I find my feet.

In the more short term, by the end of this month I will move out of this flat and in with my friend and colleague Ling. She has a cat called Bona. Turns out I’m allergic to some cats. Life has stress but it is very happy 🙂

Hope you are all doing well.

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