SVL 1.6: Two Months in the USA

19th August 2014
How are you? It’s been two months to the day since I moved to the US. Here life is good. I’ve been hearing from more of my friends more regularly. We got a parcel with the Michigan wedding gifts, things from India that we left behind and Indian chocolates which my in-laws remembered I like 🙂 I made friends with another neighbour, met up for dinner with my new friend and her fiance last night at a middle eastern restaurant DishDash, and made conversation with random people at the bus stop. ​Santosh got me a guitar and I’m feeling the magic of playing one again. We’re preparing for a stargazing trip into the wild as well as a visit from relatives from Santosh’s side. All this has started making me feel an increasing belonging in this place. To add significantly to that is the conversation I had with the Sunnyvale Cool cities team leader. I will be joining them soon for volunteer work to do with climate change mitigation at a local level. I’m very excited about that!
I also finished my first short story and sent it to some people for feedback. And after some struggle I’ve started work on my novel again! The story is in my head so I know I’ll be writing good amounts every day until the flow is established and it starts to consume me. It feels great to be creatively productive again.
We had my cousin’s family over for dinner​ including his parents in law who I’m fond of.​ My nephew finally warmed up to me over warm ​Pav ​bread, balcony visits and reaching for the fan and lights. He let me carry him, he talked to me and he​ even​ gave me hugs​ 🙂 There’s something very special about a child’s acceptance. ​He especially liked dessert – home-made banana ice cream which is the coolest kitchen discovery of late – it’s a one ingredient recipe:
chop up ripe bananas into coins and freeze them (one scoop= one banana (large)) and once it’s frozen, use a blender to crush it ​until it reaches ice cream consistency ​ and voila! You can optionally also add cinnamon​, nuts, other fruits​
or chocolate on top of it once you’re done and refreeze whatever you don’t eat.​ It’s perfect for vegans, lactose free and gluten-free people and those who have issues with preservatives/added sugars.
I wanted to write up this update so that next week I can keep it shorter too – the lengths of my emails astound me sometimes. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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