LOG 3.3: To love a guitar

6th August, 2012


Hope you are doing well.

I sang in the Vorspiel Abend (Performance evening) with my rapper friend, Sven. I was nervous but it went well. Here is the studio version of the song.

Sven has an artist name; Stylez Tyson and he asked me to pick one too. I´m going with Eelam Rose.

I have never been interested in learning the guitar. If any instrument, it has been the keyboard or the violin. But one of my band mates asked if I want to borrow and learn on his guitar until he was ready to use it again. Just the previous day I had realised how music had become such an important part of my life so I saw this as a sign and said yes. My fingers hurt a lot initially from pressing down so hard on the strings but I was learning so much so fast that I couldn´t stop. Hunger, tiredness, stress would all melt away as I sang along with some simple songs I had learnt.

I have attached here also a paper about naming systems which attempts to treat both parents equally in this age of gender equality. I´m sure some of you will find it interesting 🙂

Social life, work and weather have not changed much since I last wrote. My Indian friends called me over for dinner because I missed a pooja and gave me murukku to take home and eat when I wanted. I got a bit home sick. I get so comfortable with my life and daily activities here that I sometimes forget I have another life, another side of my personality. Something similar happens when I am in India for a longer period of time. I wonder how much adaptability is psychologically healthy? The mind seeks stability, permanence but perhaps those also come with stagnation? The only thing we can be sure of is this very moment. Can we live without worrying about definitions of ourselves or judgements from others?

I suppose that is heavy for a Monday. Have a nice week 🙂

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