The Relevance of Culture

A conversation with an old friend of mine revealed to me that the word culture is too often associated only with religion and ritualism and dismissed as irrelevant. [Read More]

LOG 3.4: Munich

Hello, Happy Pillayaar Chathurthi (festival for Ganesha- the elephant headed god) to you and your families šŸ™‚ I just got back from lunch with my Indian friends. [Read More]

LOG 2.7: Acapella Abend

13th February, 2012 Hello, Europe is getting hit by a cold wave. Last two weeks were pretty severe in places like Ukraine, Poland etc. Oldenburg sunk below 0C and only today it has risen above to a measley 3. [Read More]

LOG 1.19: Sunsets

2nd June, 2011 Hello, This will be a short one. MATLAB week is going surprisingly well and Iā€™m learning a lot without getting frustrated. Only tomorrow left and I find that it has been an easier one than most others. [Read More]

LOG 1.17: Oh wow, Barcelona!

11th May, 2011 Ola everyone šŸ™‚ I have successfully recovered to a state of normalcy after the most amazing and exhausting weekend I can ever remember having! [Read More]