LOG 4.2: The beginning of the End

20th December 2013 Hello everyone, So, it’s been a long silence. Three months and no word. How are you? As some of you may have seen on fb, my first first-author paper got accepted a few weeks ago and published this week. [Read More]

LOG 3.6: Five Months

8th April 2013 Hi! Yes, it’s been a long time. Nearly 5 months since I last wrote an update email. In November I went to Berlin for my UK visa, and spent whatever hours I was not at work or sleeping on writing a novel. [Read More]

LOG 1.17: Oh wow, Barcelona!

11th May, 2011 Ola everyone 🙂 I have successfully recovered to a state of normalcy after the most amazing and exhausting weekend I can ever remember having! [Read More]

LOG 1.16: Barcelona on my mind

5th May, 2011 Hello, Tonight I sleep in Bremen Airport to be on time for a very early morning flight to Barcelona where I will meet two of my close friends from my year in Edinburgh … it will be one of their birthdays during the weekend when we will be there and we will be staying with the kind hospitality of the other’s brother. [Read More]

LOG 1.15: Rise and Fall

22nd April, 2011 Janani’s log; Solar date: 220411.12 Last week I had crammed too many activities into my schedule; attending multiple classes, working on the programming, in aerobics, music group and a Greenpeace meeting. [Read More]

LOG 1.11: Light jackets and Programing

13th March, 2011 Hi Everyone 🙂 We are halfway through March and temperatures are now ranging between 7-13! Quite warm (relatively) and it is now ok to venture out with either a light jacket with a heavy-ish sweater or with only one heavy jacket on. [Read More]

LOG 1.8: Missing English and The Tree of Gondor

11th February, 2011 Hello all, I got a mobile and landline connection. From my home number I can call landlines all over europe for free! So if you are in Europe, let me know your number and we can have a little phone chat 🙂 [Read More]

LOG 1.6: Speaking German

25th January, 2011 Hallo everyone 🙂 Hope you are all well and happy as you read this. Here is the latest news from me: The girl I live with got a new cat. [Read More]

LOG 1.4: Beauty and the Beasts

30th December, 2010 Hello everyone, Another ‘Old Year’ has gone by … well I hope it was as happy as it could’ve been for everyone. So many things have happened, so many new things have been learnt! [Read More]

An unfeeling mouth

I can´t feel most of my mouth. My tongue can move but can´t taste or feel touch. My bottom lip feels like my tongue sticking out of my mouth in a constant pout. [Read More]