LOG 1.15: Rise and Fall

22nd April, 2011

Janani’s log; Solar date: 220411.12

Last week I had crammed too many activities into my schedule; attending multiple classes, working on the programming, in aerobics, music group and a Greenpeace meeting. I found myself rushing around crazily in 5th or 6th gear with almost no time to relax. I loved the pace but it took its toll on Sunday evening when my light cold developed into a fever. It disappeared by Monday morning but recovery took longer than expected and my work pace slowed down. This week I attended no aerobics or extra activities.

After a long long time I find myself with homework! German, MATLAB, EEGLab, Presentation… the list goes on. While I am moderately familiar and interested in German and Presentation, the other two subjects really are frustrating. Computers don’t work like Scotty or Spock gets them to on the Enterprise. You have to ‘use the keyboard’.

At times I have to remind myself I am in the Neuropsychology department, not studying computer science.

All the remains of my cold spell is a mild cough which will run its course before this luxuriously long weekend is through. I plan to catch up on some of my work and complete my German homework.

I have finished I Dream of Jeannie; all 5 seasons and will miss the light comedy and magic. I tried to continue the 60s mood with Bewitched but it is far more difficult to find streaming episodes of it online. I have resumed TNG and have grown to appreciate it as a separate effort to the Original Series. They are far more emotional and the dialogues are less terse but the story-lines are becoming more interesting. Q is cool.

Last Saturday, before I cycled to watch my flatmate’s football game, I had gone shopping. On my way back, I rode past two Indians. I overheard them speaking Tamil. Wow! What a find! I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Introduced myself and added her on Facebook. That very evening, she invited me over for lunch the next day; it was great to hear my name being pronounced right, to eat Indian food and to meet the other couple who joined us. I am meeting them for Badminton this evening. It is very refreshing indeed to know some Indians here in the flesh!

Apart from my genius ideas for Greenpeace, I have also written new ideas for things children should be exposed to during school I’m formulating all this and hope to send it to some people already in high school education so it can be introduced there before I arrive as a teacher. I hope to be one … I just don’t know when yet.

I hope you all enjoyed the videos I sent around last time. I have nothing mind-blowing for now but if I come across, I will note it for you.

Health and Happiness

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