LOG 1.15: Rise and Fall

22nd April, 2011 Janani’s log; Solar date: 220411.12 Last week I had crammed too many activities into my schedule; attending multiple classes, working on the programming, in aerobics, music group and a Greenpeace meeting. [Read More]

LOG 1.8: Missing English and The Tree of Gondor

11th February, 2011 Hello all, I got a mobile and landline connection. From my home number I can call landlines all over europe for free! So if you are in Europe, let me know your number and we can have a little phone chat 🙂 [Read More]

7 Steps which will make your blog more popular!

I love writing. Whether it is pen on paper or finger-tips on keys, the feeling I get when I express myself is uniquely gratifying. In some ways, it doesn’t matter whether people are reading my post or not, because the sheer pleasure of writing is really enough of a motivation. [Read More]