SVL 1.4: The Great Outdoors and Indoors

After I wrote to you the previous time, we went out and went to DeeDees, a Gujarati restaurant for dinner. Just near where we parked, I took these pictures. [Read More]

LOG 1.24: Coming home :)

5th August, 2011 This time next week, I will be home. I can’t tell you how excited I am! When I was translating a song which talked about Idlys in one line, /2011/07/29/balailakka-balailakka-lyrics-and-translation-with-end-notes/I looked them up to share an image link for those readers who don’t know what it is. [Read More]

7 Steps which will make your blog more popular!

I love writing. Whether it is pen on paper or finger-tips on keys, the feeling I get when I express myself is uniquely gratifying. In some ways, it doesn’t matter whether people are reading my post or not, because the sheer pleasure of writing is really enough of a motivation. [Read More]