Sunnyvale Letters (SVL) 1: Wedding and After

June 21st 2014 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! πŸ™‚ I woke up at 5am because of jetlag and my husband, Santosh, is still sleeping. I’ve been wanting to write every day of the last month but things have been so busy. [Read More]

LfE 18: Activities and work place

07/02/2010 Hello πŸ™‚ It snowed one morning unexpectedly. It is Feb so I thought all that weather is over. But it lasted an hour and melted within the next two days. [Read More]

LfE 17: Brain Scan

26/01/2010 Hello, It feels like a long time since I wrote. My project is now developing and I have a better clue about what it is about. [Read More]

LfE 11: Glasgow and Animal Handling

18/11/2009 Hello everyone! This time I have more to say πŸ™‚ I have a laptop now. Acer Aspire…metallic midnight blue…it’s my first ever so I’m very attached, and loving to it. [Read More]

LfE 10: Enormous Work Load and Frost

09/11/20009 Hi! It’s me again πŸ™‚ All is well with me and I hope you are all equally well. The pressure in Uni to get work done has suddenly risen exponentially and the weather is getting colder by the day. [Read More]