Sunnyvale Letters (SVL) 1: Wedding and After

June 21st 2014 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🙂 I woke up at 5am because of jetlag and my husband, Santosh, is still sleeping. I’ve been wanting to write every day of the last month but things have been so busy. [Read More]

Feel good links

I’d like to share here some of the interesting links I’ve read recently: This one is the less covered story about ordinary and good Indian men. [Read More]

Come dream with me

What does our country really need? We need to make sure every citizen gets enough to eat, clothe themselves and opportunity to enrich themselves using good quality education, and employment. [Read More]

How to encourage mutual respect between men and women in India

INTRODUCTION The gang-rape and death of Jyothi Singh Pandey who was previously known in the media as Damini or Nirbhaya, was the tipping point in bringing to focus a long suffered issue of disrespect and violence towards women in India. [Read More]

"What's your deal with Roger Federer?"

Roger Federer just won his 7th Wimbledon Championship lifting him back to his rightful place as World No. 1. He is the greatest Tennis player of all time. [Read More]

The Risks involved in Love and Babies

I lead a straightforward and simple life. I work, have light conversations with my colleagues during lunch, come back to my flat, cook, hang out with my flatmates or other friends, read, sing, Skype with family and friends in other countries, and watch series like Star Trek and Grey’s Anatomy. [Read More]

All hot air

I have probably never been on a hot air balloon but I can remember the experience. The large mass of deflated material which was to be the balloon, the basket in which we were to stand, the thick ropes which tied us to the ground and the blue blast of fire from a metallic tube-shaped apparatus above us which filled up the balloon with hot air allowing it to take shape. [Read More]

LfE 16: Back in Edinburgh

12/01/2010 Hi everyone, Hope you all had a good holiday. I’m back in Edinburgh, this familiar and beautiful city. I actually have developed a kind of loyalty to it. [Read More]