Feel good links

I’d like to share here some of the interesting links I’ve read recently: This oneis the less covered story about ordinary and good Indian men. After all the nasty stories we’ve read, this comes as a breath of fresh air and points out all the nice qualities Indian man have. [Read More]

Introduction to the Indian Caste System

Let me introduce you to the caste system in India. There are four main castes usually listed in the following order; The Castes Brahmins, the teachers, and priests who occupied themselves with the task of performing common ceremonies such as weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals and house-warming as well as yagnas and other religious activities. [Read More]

The Risks involved in Love and Babies

I lead a straightforward and simple life. I work, have light conversations with my colleagues during lunch, come back to my flat, cook, hang out with my flatmates or other friends, read, sing, Skype with family and friends in other countries, and watch series like Star Trek and Grey’s Anatomy. [Read More]

Fair is not Lovely

Dear Women of India, I hope you will soon learn to laugh at the ads which endorse the notion that having lighter brown skin makes you more beautiful than you are already. [Read More]

LfE 19: Work and Tea

22/02/2010 Hello everyone, It’s been a long time since I last wrote, partly because I’ve not been doing too much of new things – the project develops, and software glitches occur daily that I patiently overcome. [Read More]

The Amazon and us

First published on August 12, 2007 _“In the time it takes to sing this song, There’ll be four acres cleared in the Amazon. The jungle burns all through the night, [Read More]

LfE 15: A visit to Oxford and Thoughts in Slough

29/12/2009 Hello 🙂 I have been in Slough, a town near London, for around two weeks now. It has been restful to spend time with family, watch movies, go shopping etc. [Read More]

Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriage is an old concept. It existed long before people accepted love (that occurred before marriage) as a valid reason to marry. The process through which this changed is reflected very well in the movie ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. [Read More]

My first Entrepreneurship workshop

Yesterday I was in Bremen for my first Entrepreneurship workshop. I had heard of them ever since my undergrad but I was never that interested in it back then. [Read More]