The Risks involved in Love and Babies

I lead a straightforward and simple life. I work, have light conversations with my colleagues during lunch, come back to my flat, cook, hang out with my flatmates or other friends, read, sing, Skype with family and friends in other countries, and watch series like Star Trek and Grey’s Anatomy. [Read More]

Frames of Reference

A colleague of mine is taking German lessons and when the topic of poetry came up at lunch, he described Elftans, and their structure. It reminded me a little of Haiku so I said ¨Sounds like the European version of Haiku¨. [Read More]

Written in the moonlight

From May 2008 For too long I have absorbed. Here in this moonlight. I still see colour. I breathe. I create. There is no romantic breeze [Read More]

What I learnt from my Grandmother

On Gandhi’s birthday I think of two people. One is my cousin who shares his birthday and the other is my maternal grandma who taught me most of what I know about Gandhian values. [Read More]