LfE 8: Gifford Lectures and Indian Festivities

23/10/2009 Greetings! I recover from a cough as I write this. The reason for the long silence is the fever I had last weekend. I know you kind-hearted people are starting to worry already! [Read More]

What I learnt from my Grandmother

On Gandhi’s birthday I think of two people. One is my cousin who shares his birthday and the other is my maternal grandma who taught me most of what I know about Gandhian values. [Read More]

Kaadhalin Deepam – Lyrics and Translation

This is a melodious potential Ohrwurm which describes how he is falling in love. As it seems to be typical of the time period in which this movie was made, the choreography is weird, their expressions seem more contemplative or sad than joyful and the costume design is odd but the song sounds good. [Read More]