Prologue III

Where are you? I’m here, waiting But no longer half; I’m now a grown woman Strong, independent and capable Living every day well; I find happiness in [Read More]

On Neruda's Sonnet 18

Written in 2007 Pablo Neruda starts by dismissing traditional or conventional ways of loving: ‘as if you were a rose of salt topaz.’ The ‘rose of salt’ could mean a pure white rose symbolising the supposed purest, truest form of love. [Read More]

Oraayiram Paarvayile Lyrics and Translation

I’ve always found this song very hauntingly romantic. **Nooru murai piranthaalum nooru murai iranthaalum Unai pirinthu vegu thooram naan oru naalum povathillai Ulagaththin kanngalile uruvangal marainthaalum [Read More]

Paramedic's report

‘Female, early twenties. Severe damage to thoracic area. Unable to breathe fully. BP low and heart rate abnormally high. Patient is conscious and has been reporting feeling like blacking out and inability to think clearly. [Read More]