Oraayiram Paarvayile Lyrics and Translation

I’ve always found this song very hauntingly romantic.

**Nooru murai piranthaalum nooru murai iranthaalum

Unai pirinthu vegu thooram naan oru naalum povathillai

Ulagaththin kanngalile uruvangal marainthaalum

Ondraana ullangal orunaalum maraivathillai**

Even if I’m born a hundred times, and die a hundred times,

I am not away from you for even a day

Even if in the eyes of the world I have no form,

The souls which have become one, never fade away

**Orayiram paarvaiyile

Un paarvaiyai naanariven

Un kaaladi osaiyile

Un kaadhalai naan ariven

Orayiram paarvaiyile

Un paarvaiyai naanariven**

In a thousand looks

I will know your look

From the sound of your footsteps

I will know your love

In a thousand looks

I will know your look

**Indha maanidar kadhalellam

Oru maranaththil maarividum

Andha malargalin vaasamellam

Oru maalaikkul vaadividum

Nam kaadhalin dheepam mattum

Endha naalilum kooda varum

(Orayiram paarvaiyile)**

All this mortal love

Will change with death

The fragrance of their flowers

Will fade and wilt in one evening

The lamp flame of our love alone

Will follow in all days

**Indha kaatrinil naan kalandhen

Un kangalaith thazhuvuginren

Indha aatrinil oaduginren

Un aadayil aaduginren

Naan pogindra paadhaiyellaam

Un poomugam kaanuginren

(Orayiram paarvaiyile)**

I mixed with this wind

I caress and embrace your eyes

I run with this river

I’m dancing within your apparel

In every path I walk on

I see your flower like face

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