Unna Nenachen Pattu Padichen: Lyrics and translation

Here is another Kamal song sung by SPB. This is from the movie Aboorva Sagotharargal where Kamal acts as brothers. One who looks normal and another who is very short. [Read More]

Kaalamellam Kadhal Vazhga: Lyrics and Translation

One of my readers requested a translation of this. Makes me happy that she asked! **kaalamelaam kaadhal vaazhga kaadhalenum vaedham vaazhga kaadhalae nimmadhi kanavugalae adhan sannidhi [Read More]

Senthamizh Naatu Thamizhachiye: Lyrics and Translation

Here is a song from the movie Vandicholai Chinraasu. For the light comical tune it keeps, the last verse is incongruously preachy. It reflects the morals and values of the early 90s especially in smaller towns. [Read More]

Kaadhalin Deepam – Lyrics and Translation

This is a melodious potential Ohrwurm which describes how he is falling in love. As it seems to be typical of the time period in which this movie was made, the choreography is weird, their expressions seem more contemplative or sad than joyful and the costume design is odd but the song sounds good. [Read More]