Senthamizh Naatu Thamizhachiye: Lyrics and Translation

Here is a song from the movie Vandicholai Chinraasu. For the light comical tune it keeps, the last verse is incongruously preachy. It reflects the morals and values of the early 90s especially in smaller towns. Nevertheless, the tune is enjoyable.

**Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye, sela udutha thayanguriye

Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye, sela udutha thayanguriye

Nesavu seiyum thirunaattil, neechal udaiyil alayiriye

Kanavan mattum kaanum azhagai, kadaigal pootu kaaturiyey**

(Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye)

Tamil woman from Tamil Nadu, you hesitate to wear a sari?

Tamil woman from Tamil Nadu, you hesitate to wear a sari?

In a country of weavers like ours, you roam around in swim wear

The beauty that only a husband should see, why, you display it like in a shop!

elandha kaatil porandhava dhaaney, london model nadai edukku?

kaanjeepurangal jolikindra bodhu, kaathu vaangum udai yeduku?

udambu vaerkum ushna naatil, urasi peesum style yeduku?

takkar kungumam manakum naatil, sticker pootu unaku yeduku?

(Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye)

You were born in the Elandha forest right? Why are you walking like a model from London?

When Kanchipuram silks shimmer, why do you wear such airy clothing?

In a country where the body sweats from heat, why do you brush against [me] when you talk?

While the fragrance of kungumam (red powder) is in our land, why do you wear sticker pottus? (the dots on the forehead)

karpu enbadhu pirpoku illa, kavasam endre therinjikanum

kaatril midhakum kaarkuzhal pinni, kanaga pookal aninjikanum,

pazhamai vaeru, pazhasu vaeru, vaerub(p)aarka arinjikanum,

puratchi engae, malarchi engae, purunji neeyum nadandukanum

(Sentamizh naattu tamizhachiye)

Chastity is not an outdated idea, use it like an armour,

Braid the black flute floating in the air, and wear Kanaga flowers in your hair

There is a difference between old things and tradition, you need to understand the difference

What is rebellion and what is blossoming, you need to act accordingly

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