Amma endrazhaikadha uyirillaye: Lyrics and Translation

This is a beautiful song which is for mothers from their grateful children. In the movie the character portrayed by Rajani Kanth is taking care of his old mother. The lyrics are beautiful and praise mothers who give so much for their children. Nothing can compare to that love.

**Amma endrazhaikadha uyirillaye

Ammavai vanangadhu uyarvillaye

Neril Nindru Pesum Dheivam

Petra thaai andri verondru edhu


There is no life form which doesn’t call for its mum

There is no higher respect than that for mum

She’s the god who can stand and talk in person

What could be beyond her?

**Abirami Sivagami Karumaari Magamaayi

Thirukovil Dheivangal nee dhannamma

Annaiku andradam abhishegam alangaram

purigindra siru thondan nan dhannamma

Porulodu pugal vendum maganalla thaye un

arul vendum enakingu adhu podhume

Aduthingu pirapondru amaindhalum nan undhan

maganaga pirakindra varam vendume

Adhai neeye tharuvaye


Abirami Sivagami Karumaari Magamaayi (god’s names)

In all auspicious temples, the gods are you, mum

For you, the offerings, worship and ornamentation

Humbly, I offer to do.

I’m not the son who wants objects or glory,

Mother, your blessings are all I need

If I am to be born again, to be

Born as your son is the boon I would ask for.

And you would grant me that.

**Pasunthangam Pudhuvelli Manikkam Manivairam

Avaiyavum Oru thaaiku eedaguma?

Vilai meedhu vilai vaithu kettalum koduthalum

Kadai thannil thaai anbu kidaikadhamma

Eeraindhu maadhangal karuvodu enai thaangi

nee patta perum paadu arivennamma

Eerezhu jenmangal eduthalum uzhaithalum

unakingu nan patta kadan theeruma?

Unnale pirandhene


Pure gold, new silver, precious gems, beads of diamond

Could they ever equal the value of a mother?

If you cast a value beyond all value and offer that

In no shops can a mother’s love be found

For ten months you bore me

The suffering you endured I know, mum

Even if I take twelve lifetimes and work at it

Can the debt I owe you ever be repaid?

I was born because of you

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