Winter love

Here is a poem inspired by some music I heard recently.

Bare are the trees;
You smile at me
I suffer a dull ache
A hunger, a need
My viscera silently scream

Bitter cold is the night
Oh for just a little more
Of you
To learn as though blind
Each tiny line
Of your fingers;
To memorise with my fingertips
Every pore
Of your face;
To search for life’s meaning
In the depths of your eyes;
To feel the reverberation
Of your voice
In your chest, your throat, your mouth

Dark is the sky
I hide
You cannot see my face
You must not read my eyes

My hunger is not to consume
But to offer and shower
All this
That sits stagnant, unspent inside;
To pour and let it flow free
Like a rain of fragrant flowers
Or beams of bright hopeful sunshine

But I must not.
So though I may save water,
Love, I waste

Winter love

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