Engeyum Eppothum (Ninaithale Inikkum) Lyrics and Translation

Here is a song with both Rajani and Kamal Hassan with Jayaprada. It is from a movie called Ninaithale Inikkum. Also from the 80´s. Thanks to my dad for corrections with the translation. [Read More]

Kaadhalin Deepam – Lyrics and Translation

This is a melodious potential Ohrwurm which describes how he is falling in love. As it seems to be typical of the time period in which this movie was made, the choreography is weird, their expressions seem more contemplative or sad than joyful and the costume design is odd but the song sounds good. [Read More]

Balailakka Balailakka – Lyrics and Translation (with end notes)

A.R. Rahman had another party with this movie. He has explored several new styles including hip pop in the movie Shivaji – The Boss. Although it has some lines just for the sake of rhyming lyrics(I will mark these with a ‘*’), this song makes me long for home. [Read More]

Sundari Kannal oru Sethi Lyrics Translation

When people fall in love in many Indian movies, the various stages of love are expressed in the form of songs. This nurtures the music industry and aids the current rules of censorship that prohibit on screen kissing on lips and other forms of displays of affection. [Read More]