Kaadhalin Deepam – Lyrics and Translation

This is a melodious potential Ohrwurm which describes how he is falling in love. As it seems to be typical of the time period in which this movie was made, the choreography is weird, their expressions seem more contemplative or sad than joyful and the costume design is odd but the song sounds good. (Thanks to my dad for some corrections.)


**kaadhalin dheepam onru aetrinaalae en nenjil

oodalil vandha sondham, koodalil kanda inbam

mayakkam enna kaadhal vaazhga (kaadhalin)**

A flame of love, she lit in my heart

The feeling of closeness from our discord (like lover’s quarrel), the joy of her company

What is this daze, love is great!

**naetru poal inru illai inru poal naalai illai

anbilae vaazhum nenjil aayiram paadalae

onrudhaan ennam enraal uravudhaan raagamae

ennam yaavum solla vaa


Today is not like yesterday, tomorrow won’t be the same as today

The heart that lives in love is like a thousand songs

If only one is your intention, a relationship will be the melody

Share all your thoughts with me

**ennai naan thaedith thaedi unnidam kandu kondaen

ponnilae poovai allum punnagai minnudhae

kannilae gaandham vaiththa kavidhayaip paaduthae

anbae inbam solla vaa


I looked for myself everywhere and I found myself in you

Your smile is shining like a heap of golden flowers

Your magnetic eyes seem to sing poetry

Dear, come to tell me of your love

**F: kaadhalin dheepam onru aetrinaene en nenjil

koodalil vandha sondham, koodalil kanda inbam

mayakkam enna kaadhal vaazhga**

I lit a flame of love in my heart

The feeling of belonging in his company, the joy of his company

What is this daze? Love is great!

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