Azhagai Paadavanthen: Translation



I came to sing of Beauty

There are no suitable words in Tamil

The kisses you spill on my chest

Are the pearls in my memory

The rose that sways on a plant

It does not wear a Sari

The fruits that dance on the branches

They don’t feel shy


As the flowing water is touched by breeze

The heart is touched [ collide – literally] by desire

If one loves like the wind, what bliss it is

Oh, what a colour it is!



The red flower has a brightness,

It meets with the eyes

The mind is cooing to see a merging,

To give a good feast


The colourful ball that desire threw,

Lands at your doorstep inviting you to come out and play

If we sing together of love

Where will we go and what’s the hurry?


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