Margazhi Poove: Lyrics and Translations

I often feel like this woman – grown up but retaining a childlike spirit inside.

**Margazhi Poovae Margazhi Poovae

Unmadi Maelae Oaridam Vaendum


Bloom of December, Bloom of December

I need a place in your lap

**Methaimael Kangal Moodavum Illai

Unmadi Saernthal Kanavugal Kollai

(Margazhi Poovae)**

My eyes have hardly closed on the pillow

If I join your lap, my dreams would be a loot

(Bloom of December)

**Pookalai Pirithu Puthagam Padithaen

Pulvelikul Naan Muyalpol Kuthipaen

Naan Mattum Iravil Thanimayil Nadapaen

Nadaipathai Kadayil Thaneer Kudipaen**

By unfurling flowers, I read books

In the grass leaves I jump like a rabbit

I will go for a walk with only myself in the night

In the shop by the footpath I will drink honey like water

**Vazhkayil Orupaathi Naan Indru Vasipaen

Vazhkayil Marupaathi Naan Indru Rasipaen

Katriloru Maegam Polae Naan Endrum Mithapaen

(Margazhi Poovae)**

Today I will experience half my life

Today I will savour the other half too

Like a cloud in the air, I will keep floating

(Bloom of December)

**Venba Paadivarum Vanduku

Chenthaen Thanthuvidum Sempookal

Konjam Paadavarum Penuku

Chantham Thanthuvidum Mainaakal


The bee that sings venba(?)

The red flowers that give nectar

The girl who can sing a little

The mainas which can give chantham(?)

**Kaveri Manalil Nadanthathum Illai

Kadarkarai Ilayil Kaal Vaithathillai

Suthanthira Vaanil Paranthathum Illai

Suda Chuda Mazhayil Nanainthathum Illai**

Haven’t walked on the sandy banks of the Kaveri

Haven’t placed my feet near the sea-shore either

Haven’t flown in the free skies

Or gotten soaked in the warm rains

**Salaiyil Naanaga Poanathum Illai

Samayathil Aanaga Aanathum Illai

Ezhai Magal Kaanum Inbam Naan Kaanavillai

(Margazhi Poovae)**

I haven’t walked as myself on the path

Even at times, I haven’t felt male

I have not seen the joys that a poor daughter has felt

(Bloom of December)

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