Unna Nenachen Pattu Padichen: Lyrics and translation

Here is another Kamal song sung by SPB. This is from the movie Aboorva Sagotharargal where Kamal acts as brothers. One who looks normal and another who is very short. At this time this was considered a difficult effect to pull off. It is another testament to Kamal´s amazing talent. Thanks to my dad for corrections with the translation.


**Unnai ninaichen paattu padichen

thangamey gyaana thangamey

enna nenaichen naanum sirichaen

thangamey gyaana thangamey

andha vaanam azhudhaattaan

indha bhoomiyey sirikkum

vaanam pol silapear sondha vaazhkaiyyum irukkum

unardhaen naan**

I thought of you, I recited a song

Golden one, dear golden one,

I thought of myself, I laughed too

Golden one, dear golden one,

Only if the sky cries

Can the earth smile

There are some people´s lives like the sky´s

This, I realised

**aasai vandhu ennai aatti vaitha paavam

mattravarai naan yean kuttham solla venum

kottum mazhai kaalam uppu vikka ponaen

kaatradikkum naeram maavu vikka ponaen

thappu kanakkai pottu thavithaen

thangamey gyaana thangamey

patta piragey buththi thelinthen

thangamey gyaana thangamey

nalam purindhaai enakku nandri uraippaen unakku

naan dhaan**

Unfortunately, hope came and shook me up

Why would I blame any one else?

I went to sell salt when it was raining heavily

I went to sell flour when there was strong wind

I suffered by miscalculation

Golden one, dear golden one,

After it hit me, I regained my intelligence

Golden one, dear golden one!

I have understood well, I will say to you

Thank you

**kannirendil naan dhaan kaadhal ennum kottai

katti vaiththu paarthaen athanaiyum ottai

ullabadi yogham ullavarkku thaanum

natta vidhai yaavum nalla maram aagum

aadum varaikkum aadi iruppom

thangamey gyaana thagamey

aattam mudindhaal ottam eduppom

thangamey gyaana thagamey

nalam purindhaai enakky nandri uraippaen unakku

naan dhaan**

In the two eyes, I had a fortress of love

Built but it was full of holes

Only for the lucky ones

The seed they plant will become good/fruitful trees

We will keep playing as long as possible

Golden one, dear golden one,

In the end of the game is the time to run

Golden one, dear golden one,

I have understood well, I will say to you

Thank you

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