Nila Kaigirathu – Lyrics and Translation

This song has two versions. One sung by a little girl and the other by an adult male voice(Hariharan). It is melodious and beautiful. They have some variations in lyrics so I have chosen to translate the one by the child. Thanks to my dad for some corrections! 🙂

**Nila kaigirathu

Nirem theigirathu

Yaarum rasikevilaiyea

Intha kangal mattum unnai kaanum**

The moon is out, shining

Night time is fading

Nobody is enjoying it

These (my) eyes alone, see you

**Thendral pogindrathu

Solai sirikindrathu

Yaarum suhikavilaiyea

Chinna kaigal matoom unnai theendoom**

The breeze is blowing

The oasis-havens are smiling

No one is enjoying it

Just these (my) small hands will touch you

**Katru veesum veiyil kaayum kaayum

Athil maatram ethum ilaiyea

Ah…Vaanum mannum nammai vazha chollum

Antha vaazhthu oiyavillai enendroom vaanil


The wind will blow, the sun will shine on

There is no change in those things

The sky and earth will tell us to live

Those good wishes will not stop, ever. In the sky

(The moon)

**Atho pogindrathu aasai megam

Mazhayai keatu kolungal

Itho kaetkindradhu kuyilil paadal

Isaiyai keatukolungal**

There is passing, a wish-cloud

Ask for the rain

Here, you can hear the cuckoo’s singing

Hear the music of it

**Intha boomiyea poovanam

Unggal pookalai thaedungal

Intha vaazhkeiyea seethanam

Unggal theivaiyei keallungal


This earth is a flower garden

Look for your flowers

This life is a gift

Ask from it what you need

(The moon)

Here is the other version.

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