Uyirum Niye Udalum Niye: Lyrics and Translation

I found this song unintentionally. It is composed by A.R. Rahman and sung by Unnikrishnan.

**uyirum neeye udalum neeye

uravum neeye thaaye(2)**

You are life, you are the body,

You are the connection, mother

**than udalil sumandhu uyirai pagirndhu

uruvam tharuvaai neeye(2)**

You carried me in your womb, shared your life energy with me

You gave me life, mother

**un kannil vazhiyum oru thuli podhum

kadalum urugum thaaye(2)**

Just one tear that flows from your eyes

Is enough to make the oceans drown

**un kaaladi mattum tharuvaai thaaye

sorgam enbadhu poyye**

If you give just the soles of your feet, mother,

Heaven becomes a lie

**pennai padaithaar mannai padaithaar

kaatrum mazhaiyum oliyum padaithaar(2)**

He created woman, and the earth

The wind, rain and sound too he created

**boomikku adhanaal nimmadhi illai(2)

saami thavithaan thaayai padaithaan


The earth was still not at peace

God was in pain, he created mother

(uyirum niye)

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