Manaivi Amaivathellam: Lyrics and Translation

This is a relatively old song sung by Yesudas.

**manaivi amaivathellam

iraivan kodutha varam

manadhu mayangi yenna

unakkum vaazhvu varum**

A [good] woman who becomes your wife

Is a boon from god

The heart is smitten

And becomes more alive

**iravil nilavondru undu

uravinil sugamondru undu

manaiviyin kanavondru undu

yenakkathu purinthathu indru**

(manaivi amaivathellam)

The moonlight in the night

The joy of the relationship

The dream of the wife

I understood what it is today

**porutham udalilum vendum

purindhavan thunayaga vendum

kanavanin thunaiyodu thaane

kaamanai vendraga vendum**

(manaivi amaivathellam)

Compatibility is needed of the body too

Someone who understands that is wanted

Only in the company of the husband

Can one overcome the lord of desire

**kavignan kandaale kavidhai

kaanbavan kandaale kaadhal

azhaginai puriyaatha paavam

aruginil irunthenna laabam**

If you see a poet, there is a poem

If you see someone looking at you, it is love

It´s a sin not to understand beauty

What is the poing of being close if you don´t?

(manaivi amaivathellam)

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