En Iniya Pon Nilave: Lyrics and Translations

Here is a song composed by Ilayaraja and sung by Yesudas.

en iniya pon nilaave

pon nilavil en kanaave

ninaivile pudhu sugham dha dha dha dhaa dha dha

thodarudhe dhinam dhinam dha dha dha dhaa dha dha

(en iniya)

My sweet golden moon

In the golden moon, my dream

The new joy in my thoughts

Continues everyday

(My sweet)

panneerai thoovum mazhai sillendra kaatrin alai

saerndhaadum innerame

en nenjil ennennavo varnangal aadum nilai

ennaasai unnorame

venneela vaanil adhil ennenna megham

oorgolam pogum adhil undaagum raagam

puriyaadho en enname


(en iniya)

The rain that sprinkles, the cool waves of the breeze

Play in together at this time

In my heart, such wonderous patterns dance

I only wish for you

In a bright blue sky, what clouds

They have a procession with your thirst as the melody

Won´t you understand my feelings?


(My sweet)

**ponmaalai nerangale en inba raagangale

poovaana kolangale

then kaatrin bimbangale thenaadum roajaakkale

ennenna jaalangale

kannodu thoanrum siru kanneeril aadum

kai saerum kaalam adhai en nenjam thedum

idhudhaane en aasaigal


(en iniya)**

In the golden evening times, to the joyful tunes,

Patterns in the flowery sky

The pleasant wind from the south, the honey-like roses that sway

Such diversions

Thoughts in the eyes dance in the tears

My heart is searching for the season of joining hands

These are my wishes,


(My sweet)

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