Pani Vizhum Malar Vanam – Lyrics and translation

The dance is ridiculous in this video but the song is good. Thanks to my dad for correcting the meanings. They make a lot more sense now 🙂 .

**Pani vizhum malar vanam un paarvai oru varam

Inivarum munivarum thadumaarum kanimaram

(Pani vizhum)**

A forest of flowers where dew falls, your look is a boon

Wise men and sages will falter at this honey tree

**SElai moodum iLanjolai, maalai soodum malarmaalai (2)

Iruvadhu nilavugaL nagamengum oLi vidum Ahe

ILamayin kanavugaL vizhiyoram thuLir vidum

KaigaL idaigaLil neLigaiyil idaiveLi kuRaigaiyil yeriyum viLakku siritthu kaNgal moodum

(Pani vizhum)**

The young grove that the sari covers, (you are) garland of flowers the evening wears

Your nails are like twenty moons shining

The dreams of youth will sprout forth like young leaves in the corner of your eyes

When (my) hands are moving across your waist, when the (physical) gap reduces, the lamp (which is ‘on’ or burning) gets shy and laughs/smiles and closes its eyes (goes off) at our intimacy

**Kaaman koyil siRaivaasam, kaalai ezhundhaal ha ha parihaasam (2)

Thazhuvidum pozhudhilE idamaarum idhayamE

Viyarvayin mazhayilE payiraagum paruvamE

Aadum ilaigaLil vazhigira nilavoLi iruvizhi

Mazhayil nanaindhu magizhum vaanampaadi

(Pani vizhum)**

The temple of Desire is a captivating place, in the morning we laugh and tease each other

When we embrace, our hearts are exchanged

In rain of sweat, more love and youth grows

In dancing youth, the overflowing moonlight for the two eyes

To soak in the rain and celebrate the song of the sky

Your eyes are like moonlight spilling through the leaves which are moving (due to wind) – ( your eyes are very bright and also moving )

(They are also) like the bird which enjoys getting wet in the rain ; [‘vanam padi’ is referring to a bird]

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