Home Remedies from south India: Coughs

This is the third post in the series which started with Hair Care. The second of which was on Colds. The information in this series is the knowledge of my grandmother, which I documented as part of a project on medicinal plants and home remedies. You will notice many of the same plants are mentioned in different posts because they are useful in preventing or curing different problems.

    1. Vaalmelagu is kept at the side of the mouth and lightly chewed for coughs.
    2. Melagu Kashaayam (pepper decoction) and Chittrathai (Galanga) is used to treat cough especially wheezing.Galangi
    3. Athimadhuram is also chewed for coughs.
    4. Sukkumalli Kashaayam is good for the combination of cold,cough and fever.
    5. Kashayam preparation; Coriander seeds, pepper, sukku (dry ginger), chittarathai, athimadhuram are fried with water. It is heated till it is one-third the original volume. The water is filtered. Tulsi and Omavalli leaves are added. This is consumed with panakalkandu (palm sugar).
    6. Red pepper is used to treat cough.
    7. Chittarathai with ginger or just Athimadhuram is squished and kept on the side of the mouth to let the juices slowly soothe the throat. This is good for bronchitis and cough.
    8. The coat of  Kadukka is kept on the side of the mouth for dry cough.
    9. Aaduthoda elai (leaves that goats don’t eat) are heated in water till they boil. Honey and Panakalkandu are added.
    10. Pepper with Manjapodi (turmeric powder), panakalkandu (palm sugar crystals) and milk is taken for the health of the vocal cords.


The pictures used in this series are inserted from other websites. I have used them only to illustrate the ingredients used in the remedies.

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