LOG 1.21: Musik und Ordnung

29th June, 2011

Hello everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

I just scored 93% on my first level German exam! Feeling great about it! I have found order (ordunung) in my life and everything is organised in lists and inserted in my Google calendar and on my Napkin-mousepad ๐Ÿ™‚ the furniture in my room is rearranged and everything is clean and tidy. I went to the warehouse shop again and got some more clothes and bedding in preparation for the arrival of a couch my friend wants to give away. I will be transporting it on Friday evening.

Last weekend, I was a musician. I went for the rehearsal of one of my choirs on Saturday morning and for the actual concert on Sunday. I wrote a bit about it after the rehearsal : /2011/06/25/musical-styles/ but I didnยดt mention after the actual concert, how good it felt and how well it went! The children’s voices were so sweet. There is a saying in Tamil which roughly translates to, some people say the sweetest sound is a Flute or a Veena (yaazhl is Veena?or Lute?) until they hear a childยดs voice. It is so true and more so raised in music. Itยดs so innocent it makes you want to cry! The whole collection of songs were centred around seasons. My favourite was called Sommer regen (summer rain) and with the live Orchestra it was so mystically beautiful.

To add to my musical activities, my neighbour, his friend and I had a jam session which turned into a recording session of one of my old compositions (I used to compose during exam times in Josephยดs). It came out really well and next we plan to try something more rough and rocky. Ever since the recording I have started noticing possible separate tracks in whatever music I listen to. The wholeness of the end product takes a lot of weaving and layers.

On the work front, there is some technical problem with the new screen I will be using for my experiment. The delay may take up to three whole weeks. While I am disappointed in not being able to charge forth with the experiment, I am going to make use of this time to prepare for the exams and evaluations of the courses I have been taking. Having done the German exam, I have only one main concern for now; EEGLAB… It is a linked software that you can script into through MATLAB and though after the course in MATLAB things have become less scary, EEGLAB is a couple of steps more indirect than I am able to deal with right now.

Ever since Summer solstice, the weather has been warmer. Yesterday it reached 30 or 32 Centrigrade… it was ridiculously hot! Today it is more moderate with 23-25. But overall I prefer the heat to the cold. It is warm enough not to wear any jacket and one can really explore the pretty summer dresses without fear of freezing.

I have also taken up a small side hobby of translating song lyrics into English. It also helps improve my Tamil and when I sing along with it my pronounciation is better and because of the attention it requires to translate parts of the song I never paid attention to are coming alive for me! Here are some Tamil examples. (I occasionally intend to do Hindi ones too)



I hope you are all well.

Liebe Grusse ๐Ÿ™‚

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