The Relevance of Culture

A conversation with an old friend of mine revealed to me that the word culture is too often associated only with religion and ritualism and dismissed as irrelevant. [Read More]

Senthamizh Naatu Thamizhachiye: Lyrics and Translation

Here is a song from the movie Vandicholai Chinraasu. For the light comical tune it keeps, the last verse is incongruously preachy. It reflects the morals and values of the early 90s especially in smaller towns. [Read More]

LfE 16: Back in Edinburgh

12/01/2010 Hi everyone, Hope you all had a good holiday. I’m back in Edinburgh, this familiar and beautiful city. I actually have developed a kind of loyalty to it. [Read More]

What I learnt from my Grandmother

On Gandhi’s birthday I think of two people. One is my cousin who shares his birthday and the other is my maternal grandma who taught me most of what I know about Gandhian values. [Read More]