Uyire en Uyire: Lyrics and Translation

For a change, this is a more recent song.

**M: Uyire en uyire ennavo nadakuthadi

Adada intha nodi valvil inikuthadi

Oh oru nimidam oru nimidam enai nie piriyathe

Enatharugil nie irunthal thalai kal puriyathe

Nijam thane kel adi ninaivellam nie adi

Nadamaadum poochedi nie ennai par adi**

Life-spirit, my life-spirit, something is happening

Oh my! This moment is sweetening my life

Oh! Not even for a minute should we be apart

If you’re next to me, I feel head over heals in love!

It’s the truth, so listen dear, you are all I think about

Oh moving flower plant, just look at me

**Ithu varai engirunthai

Ithayamum unnai kekurathe

Penne enge marainthirunthai

Ennul epadi nulainthu kondai**

Until now, where were you?

My heart is asking you

Girl, where were you hiding?

How did you sneak into my heart?

**F: Unnakulle olinthirunthen uruvathil uthiramai kalanthu irunthen

Unnai unake theriyalaya innum ennai puriyalaya**

I was hiding within you, as a part of your form

Didn’t you see me in yourself? Don’t you understand me yet?

**M: Nan sirithu magilnthu silirkum payathai nie koduthai

Nan ninathu ninaithu nesikum kalathai nie anaithai


You’ve given me the cherishable gift to celebrate and smile about

You have conjured up the most lovely moment that I’ve been thinking about.

**F: Engeyo un mugam nan partha nyabaham

Epotho un unudan nan vaazhntha nyabaham


I feel like I’ve seen your face before

I feel like I’ve already lived with you

**F: Unnudan irukayile nilavukum siragugal mulaikirathe

Ithuvarai nanum partha nilava

Ithanai velicham kodutha nilava**

When I’m with you it feels like the moon has wings

Is this the same moon I’ve always seen?

Was it always this bright?

**M: Unnudan nadakayile en nizhal vannamai maariyadhae

Munne munne nam ninalgal

Ondrai ondrai kalakindrathe**

When I walk with you, my shadow changes colour

In front of us, our shadow

Seem to be merging together

**F: Nie pesum varthai serthu vaithu vasikiren

Un swasa katru muchil vangi swasikiren**

I recite a collection of your words

I breathe in the air you’ve breathed




Nan vaazhntha nyabaham**

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