Mannil Intha Kadal (Breathless) – Lyrics and Translation

This song is from the movie Keladi Kanmani. A widower is bringing up a child and when he meets one of her teachers, they begin to fall in love. That is the point at which they sing this song. Later on, because the child objects to her father’s remarriage, they are forced to stop seeing each other. The end is bitter-sweet. I will say no more. In this song, SPB (the actor here who is actually primarily a singer) sings a certain verse all in one breath.

**Mannil indhak kaadhalanri yaarum vaazhdhal koodumoa

Ennam kannip paavaiyinri aezhu svarandhaan paadumoa

Penmai inri mannil inbam aedhadaa

Kannai moodik kanavil vaazhum maanidaa

(Mannil indha)**

On Earth, can anyone live without love?

Can the seven notes produce music without the look of a girl?

What joy can there be without a woman?

Man, you must be closing your eyes and deluding yourself if you think it’s possible.

**Naa maranthe paiten! Moochu vidaama paadrennu sonnigalla?

Naanum maranthuten! Charanathla paadaren paarunga!


I forgot! You said you would sing without taking a breath?

Oh yes, I forgot too. I will sing it in the Charanam, watch!

**Vennilavum ponninadhiyum kanniyin thunaiyinri

Enna sugam ingu padaikkum penmayil sugamanri

Sandhanamum sangaththamizhum pongidum vasandhamum

Sindhivarum pongum amudham thandhidum kumudhamum

Kannimagal arugil irundhaal suvaikkum

Kanniththunai izhandhaal muzhudhum kasakkum

Vizhiyinil mozhiyinil nadaiyinil udaiyinil

Adhisaya sugamtharum anangival pirappidhudhaan

(Mannil indha)**

The moon and golden rivers are the companions of girls

What happiness can be created without a woman’s happiness

Sandalwood and ancient pure Tamil will overflow like Spring time

Abundant nectar of the Lily will spill over

If a woman is nearby, everything will taste good

If you lose the company of the woman, everything will be bitter

In her glance, her language, her gait and form

Such wondrous joy in just a woman’s existence!

**Muththumani raththinangalum kattiya pavazhamum

Koththumalar arpudhangalum kuvindha adharamum

Sitridaiyum sinna viralum villenum puruvamum

Sutrivarach cheyyum vizhiyum sundara mozhigalum

Ennivida marandhaal edharkoa piravi

Iththanaiyum izhandhaal avandhaan thuravi

Mudimudhal adivarai muzhuvadhum sugamtharum

Virundhugal padaiththidum amudhamum avalallavaa

(Mannil indha)**

Pearls, rare gems and solid coral

A bunch of flowers and wonders in puckered lips

Small waist, small fingers and bow-shaped eyebrows

Eyes that look around, beautiful words

If you don’t recognise these, why be born?

If you lose all these, he is a renounciater

From head to feet, it all gives happiness

Won’t she create the nectar of a feast?

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