Kaalamellam Kadhal Vazhga: Lyrics and Translation

One of my readers requested a translation of this. Makes me happy that she asked!

**kaalamelaam kaadhal vaazhga

kaadhalenum vaedham vaazhga

kaadhalae nimmadhi

kanavugalae adhan sannidhi

kavidhaigal paadi

nee kaadhali nee kaadhali


May love live forever

May the scripture called love live long

Love is peace

It is the temple of dreams

Recite poetry

And love, and love

**kannum kannum moadhumammaa nenjam mattum paesumammaa kaadhal

thookkam kettup pogumammaa thoodhu sellath thaedumammaa kaadhal

aanukkum pennukkum anbaiyae boadhikkum kaadhal dhinam thaevai

kenjinaal minjidum minjinaal kenjidum kaadhal oru boadhai

kaadhalukkup palli illaiyae adhu sollith tharum paadam illaiyae


Glances meet, only hearts will talk in love

Sleep will be disrupted, messages will look to be sent in love

Love will teach affection to man and woman, that love is needed every day

If you beg, some will remain, if some remains, it will beg, love is a drug

There are no lessons in love, there are no schools where they can be taught

**jaadhi madham paarppadhillai seervarisai aedhumillai kaadhal

aadhi andham aedhumillai aadham aevaal thappumillai kaadhal

oorenna paerenna thaay thandhai yaarenna kaadhal onru saerum

neeyinri naanillai naaninri neeyillai kaadhal manam vazhum

jaadhagangal paarppadhillaiyae kaasu panam kaetpadhillaiyae


There are no castes and creed, nor dowry in love

There is no beginning or end, no sin of Adam and Eve in love

What does your birthplace or name matter? Whoever your parents are, love will reach you

Without you, I’m not, without me, you’re not, the loving spirit lives on

Love is not based on matching horoscopes, nor does it ask for money

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