Poongaathu Thirumbuma? Lyrics and Translation

This is a relatively old song. The lyrics are in rustic Tamil style. Melody by Ilayaraja.


**Poongaathu thirumbuma? Yaen paatte virumbuma?

Paaraate, madiyil vaichu thaalaate,

Yenakkoru thaaymadi kedaikuma?


Will the soft breeze turn? Will it like my song?

To praise me and rock me to sleep

Will I get a mother’s lap?

**Raasaave varuthama?

Raasaave varuthama? Aagaayam surunguma?

Yeengaathe, adhu ulagam thaangaathe!

Padukkuma? Suriyen, karukkuma?**

Dear one, are you sad?

Dear one, are you sad? Can the sky wrinkle up?

Don’t yearn, the world won’t be able to take it!

Will it sleep? The Sun, could it ever grow black?

**M: Yenna solluven? yen uLLam thaangala,

Meththe vaaguren, thukaththe vaangala

F: Intha vedhane, yaarikku thaayille

Namma meeradhu, oorukkul aaLilla

M: Yedho yen paatukku naan pattu paadi

Chollaatha sogaththa chonnenadi

F: Sugaraagam sogam thaane?

Sugaraagam sogam thaane?

M: Yaaradhu poradhu?

F: Kuyil paadalaam, than mugam kaattuma?


M: What can I say? My heart can’t stand it

I buy pillows but can’t buy sleep

F: What agony, to have no mother

(..?..) no one in the town

M: For some reason, I just started to sing

And told you of all my unexpressed sadness

F: The most beautiful songs are sad, aren’t they

The most beautiful songs are sad, aren’t they

M: Who is this who is passing my way?

F: A cuckoo sings but can it reveal itself?

**M: ULLa azhuguren, veLiye sirikkuren

Nalla veshan thaan eduththu vaanguren (?)

F: Unga vesham thaan kunjam maaraNum

Yenga saamikki mugudam eranum

M: Maane, yen nenjukku paal varthe thene

Munne yen paarvaikku vaa vaa penne!

F: Dese paartha padichen naane (?)

Dese paartha padichen naane

M: Poonguyil yaaradhu?

F: Kunjam paaruge, un kuyil naanunge**

M: I’m crying inside though I smile

This is the disguise I hide behind

F: Your disguise must change

I want the best for you

M: Deer, you pour words of milk and honey into my heart

Come forth so I can see you

F: I have come in your direction

I have come in your direction

M: Who is this sweet bird?

F: Take a look, I am your bird.

**M: Adi, neethaana antha kuyil?

Yaar veetu sontha kuyil?

Aathaadi, manasukkuLLa kaathaadi

Paranthathe, olagame marathuthe

F: Naanthaane antha kuyil

Thaaraaga vantha kuyil

Aathaadi, manasukkuLe kaathaadi,

Paranthathaa? Olagam thaan maranthathaa?


M: You are that cuckoo?

Whose house are you from?

Sweetheart, you’ve blown fresh air into my heart

In your flight, the world is forgotten

F: I am that very cuckoo

I have come for you

Sweetheart, I have given you fresh air

Did your heart fly? Have you forgotten the world?

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