Feel good links

I’d like to share here some of the interesting links I’ve read recently: This one is the less covered story about ordinary and good Indian men. [Read More]

Thoughts about going Vegan

I was raised vegetarian and my family has been vegetarian for generations. When I was thirteen or fourteen, my parents told me that since I will be travelling when I get older, I could start getting used to meat if I wanted to. [Read More]

'Garbage out, garbage out' by C.K. Meena

C.K. Meena is a columnist in The Hindu, one of India´s biggest news papers. She was my teacher when I took up a certificate course in Journalism and we soon became friends. [Read More]

Sparkling water

Water used to be free. In some parts of the world it still is but with all the pollution and diseases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to safely drink straight from a river, and in many parts of the world, from the tap. [Read More]

A Study of Communalism and Identity

A Study of Communalism and Identity (First published in May 2008) I Identities Preferences and Behaviour Where does the self come from? Identity and our definitions of our ‘self’ are a result of what we’ve been taught from the beginning of our lives. [Read More]