Missing Mountains

First published in September 2007


This prison. Walls. No trees.

No where to hide

To be alone or cry.

No one to understand the lover’s yearning for the mountains

And the pain of missing my

Second home.



The touch of that book this morning,

The tone of those words,

The reassuring sense.



No one to understand

The pain,

The desperation of the caged,

To Get out and go!

Back to the beloved Mountains

With my loving family.



Or merely attend crazy

Chemistry classes.


Trapped here. Noise, too many

People. Watching. Too closely.

Can’t be alone

Can’t scream in frustration


Do you know how it feels

To be surrounded and filled

With Whole Free Beautiful Love?

To live in that medium;

To breathe it?



My home. The immensity of the


Their splendour.

It calls. I will go.

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