SVL 1.8: Bike writing

22nd September 2014
Dear all,
How are you? The last couple of weeks have been quieter but no less busy. I’ve been looking for a bike and may get one soon. The safety and rules here are quite different to Oldenburg. Bikes ride on the road with the cars instead of elevated next to pedestrians. In many roads there are no separate lanes and you have to share a lane with cars. The rules say that you should keep as right as practical but the safety tips on several websites say that if you ride without taking as much space as you need, the chances of getting hit by doors of cars parked on the road or even cars entering the road from driveways is much higher – as drivers are going to look further into the street for other cars and could easily miss a bike. But on the bright side, Google maps shows which roads have bike lanes and recommends very different routes to what you would take if you were driving a car based on safety.
What happened to learning how to drive, you may ask. Weekends have been too busy of late so it’s been a while since I practiced driving, but I still intend to learn and get the license. It’s just that the joy of riding far beats driving in a car. Maybe it’s the same joy that I get out of boating – canoes, kayaks, rowboats, rafts, coracles – all powered by your own energy, quiet without motors – unintrusive on the water to other creatures. More relaxed pace than motor boats. You may feel exhausted afterwards but in a very happy way. (Remember the canoe ride I took in Germany – /2012/12/08/log-1-22-boats/)
Apart from the bike, I also need a helmet here (not by CA law but Santosh’s) and I’m getting attachable lights for night rides – which I’ll try to avoid as much as possible. Finally I also need a bike lock – the bunch of these I’ve shortlisted on Amazon and will order once I have the bike.
Bike hunt apart, my writing is going well. Got into the flow quite a few times in the last week. My novel is split into three parts as of the structure I have now – book 1, 2 and 3. Each book will be subdivided into roughly 20 chapters. Each chapter will be a story in itself with around 5 subparts but will offer the development of the larger story. There are several characters and I’m trying to keep an equal distance from all of them so I don’t go too deep into any one person’s head/perspective. But in each story I will select one person who’s POV will get slightly more attention – I’m hoping this will help in characterisation.
I’m finishing the last two subparts of my first chapter of the first book.
I was particularly excited to get feedback from my brother and Santosh in the last few days on these two. Though critical, I found it useful and very encouraging.
Intro to Krishnavani and Dorai-
This was written as a children’s story based on a bed time story I told my six year old niece.
Intro to Mimi and the Blue Globe – 
I think of this more as a concept story now and perhaps writing practice. It was based on a dream and could do with a lot more development. It may have the potential to be another book if I explore her world. Let’s see.
Socially, we’re meeting some friends every weekend, going out to eat sometimes though we’re cooking a lot more now than before. I went for some more meet ups, and environmental activities the week before too. We’re also trying to get into a daily yoga routine. Quite amazing how important structure can be to productivity.
That’s it from me for now,
Hope to hear from you soon,

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