SVL 1.12: Winter and Holiday Greetings

19th December 2014
Hi everyone,
Winter Solstice is just around the bend. Christmas decorations and songs are in all shops here. But it doesn’t look much like winter. It has been raining (making up for the 3 years of drought in CA) and it’s much colder now but according to German standards, this could well be Autumn. I keep waiting for it to get worse. In many ways though, CA is much less built for the cold. Almost no double glazed windows lets the heat out much too easily. I wear my fuzzy comfy house shoes and Santosh wears socks and we put ‘space heaters’ on to be comfortable indoors.
We will head to Atlanta to spend the holidays with Santosh’s cousin’s family, and others who will visit from across the East Coast. I will meet an old flatmate who will be in Georgia at the end of this year and around new years eve, the house is expected to be overflowing with cousins, kids, family and friends. Looking forward to that trip 🙂
In other news, the environmental activities have been happening and in January the decision on the dedicated bus lane will be made at last. I was asked by TransForm to write a letter to the editor of San Jose Mercury News to voice my opinion. It got published. Here it is: Pretty excited by this. I didn’t think it would be so easy. I feel encouraged to write more.
The project at Stanford is also going to end in January. I’ve made some friends there now and two of us are thinking about what next. The third is pregnant and is happy to take a break.
Happy holidays and a happy new year to you and your families!
Warm hugs,

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