LOG 1.16: Barcelona on my mind

5th May, 2011 Hello, Tonight I sleep in Bremen Airport to be on time for a very early morning flight to Barcelona where I will meet two of my close friends from my year in Edinburgh … it will be one of their birthdays during the weekend when we will be there and we will be staying with the kind hospitality of the other’s brother. [Read More]

LOG 1.13: Spring 'time', German and the 60´s

31st March, 2011 After some rain last night, the air smells like monsoon in India; so fresh and clean! I´ve opened the window to let it come in and along with it are the chirps and tweets of the birds. [Read More]

LOG 1.10: The first signs

28th February, 2011 Hello, It is now possible to see the first signs of Spring. The trees are bearing buds that will leaf and flower forth. [Read More]

LfE 21: Season of Life… Under my Skin

03/03/2010 Hello everyone, I’m halfway through my stay here in Edinburgh and every day brings me closer to the day I can come back home to Bangalore and hug my family. [Read More]


Written in Feb 2007 The season changes Clouds cover parts of The sky. I lose peace. Moisture in the wind Falling leaves; dry and Brittle. Wait for rain. [Read More]