LOG 1.10: The first signs

28th February, 2011


It is now possible to see the first signs of Spring. The trees are bearing buds that will leaf and flower forth. The ground, in hope, has let spring a few flower shoots. Winter is reluctant to leave; it likes to keep life in its clutch as long as possible. It won´t be long though. There is far more light than there was mid-winter – a slow and steady improvement.

On Friday night, after a long time, I went out again with people. It was fun, the music was a bit on the heavy rock/metal side for my taste but fun with good company. On Saturday my flatmates called over some friends to hang out with. Nice people. I found myself singing out loud on Saturday – a sign I am feeling more comfortable. It feels good to sing.

Not knowing German was getting to me so much that today I went to the library (the place of joy) and looked for English books. They only have old English literature; Shakespeare, Byron, Tennyson etc…. No fantasy or sci-fi… no ordinary fiction. And of all 4 floors, only 3 alleys have these books. Where do people go for ordinary fiction English books? This was one of my worst fears before I came to Germany. Books are essential for sanity.

I´m looking forward to tomorrows meeting with the supervisor. I´ve been low on work and have been feeling a little purposeless. The most horrible feeling to have!

Over the weekend I watched Vaaranam Aayiram and Idiocracy. The first was very emotional and very well acted. The second was a little funny sometimes… but on the whole irritating. I am also keeping up with the latest Greys and am now halfway through ST 3rd Season.

It´s been 3 months now since I left India … doesn´t feel like it. Nothing seems to have happened. Sometimes I feel restless and feel the need to fill up my life with impossible busy-ness. Oldenburg is a very slow city. Edinburgh´s pace was just right… No people here. No great events.. Feels blank and empty sometimes unless the mind is adequately preoccupied. The heavy book I am reading (which is why I went to the Lib for something lighter) , called the Vedic Experience is highly stimulating. But I want to take it slow so I absorb it all properly.

I hope you are all doing well.

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