LOG 2.8: Data Collection (coming home info)

14th March, 2012 Hello everyone, It´s been a month since I last wrote. It´s been filled with data collection. So what do we do in data collection? [Read More]

LOG 1.10: The first signs

28th February, 2011 Hello, It is now possible to see the first signs of Spring. The trees are bearing buds that will leaf and flower forth. [Read More]

LfE 11: Glasgow and Animal Handling

18/11/2009 Hello everyone! This time I have more to say 🙂 I have a laptop now. Acer Aspire…metallic midnight blue…it’s my first ever so I’m very attached, and loving to it. [Read More]

LfE 6: Classes are Intense

04/10/2009 Hello everyone! The weather this week albeit two days in the middle has been pleasant with sunny blue skies. This is most unexpected in Edinburgh but a joy to us although the wind can be a real bully while walking; pushing us forward and backward with no warning! [Read More]

Letters from Edinburgh (LfE) 5: Settled and Rocking!

**28/09/2009 JANANI IS SETTLED AND ROCKING!** Hello everyone! I’m well and I hope you are all in a well too :):) (Sorry, I had to crack that 🙂 ) [Read More]