Letters from Edinburgh (LfE) 5: Settled and Rocking!



Hello everyone!

I’m well and I hope you are all in a well too :):) (Sorry, I had to crack that 🙂 )

Thank you for your replies. It was nice to hear from you after so long. I’ve settled into classes. I find them covering more familiar topics and I think I’m gaining a good reputation with some of the lecturers.

Mainly because of my flatmates, I’ve been outing on Saturday nights- responsibly of course. I’ve met quite a few more people and so many of them are interesting. There’s a variety here of newness which is interesting. I am not able to read these people as easily as I did with Indians and the challenge will keep me occupied for a while.

I’m good at managing house things as well. Unbelievably I’m enjoying domestic responsibilities. To think that Janani could ever be domesticated!:D

Some of my old friends from Sydney stayed over for (too) few days. It was really fun. We went to Arthur’s Seat again…veerrrry windy!!…pictures were taken but you’ll probably find them on facebook anyway. It was the first time I saw them after our separation ten years ago when I moved back to India. You may be familiar with one of them from Dialogues, also in this blog in which one of my friends and I discuss Christianity and my beliefs which come under various categories of Hinduism.

I’m writng from the library computer, which is cool, there are quite a few- around 30 odd right here and a few biger ones for group discussions in little booths- very fancy!

One thing I’ve been wondering about in my classes though is whether I’m going to become less human soon. I used to be constantly sidetracked about how they could do such experiments to animals- cats, rats, mice, monkeys etc. I am still disturbed but now I am able to get excited about the science that we get out of it. It’s scary to think that at this rate maybe I’ll be desensitised eventually!

I also have a bunch of ‘study-buddies’ now. We looked at real human brains together in Friday’s anatomy lab class. It turns out pretty luckily that they’re into Grey’s Anatomy too 🙂 (for those of you who don’t know, I’m a big fan of that show). So we may watch the start of the new season together this weekend over some food 🙂

I think that’s a good sized update, pretty thorough. I look forward to more replies.

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