LOG 1.16: Barcelona on my mind

5th May, 2011


Tonight I sleep in Bremen Airport to be on time for a very early morning flight to Barcelona where I will meet two of my close friends from my year in Edinburgh … it will be one of their birthdays during the weekend when we will be there and we will be staying with the kind hospitality of the other’s brother. I never thought I would spend a weekend anywhere in Europe with two friends who are coming from two different countries… I am very excited and it will be great fun… All that to come in the next email 🙂

What has been going on recently? A slow increase in pace of work since the Fall and an unnatural decrease of temperature …it hit -3 one recent night! Ridiculous for May! It’s like Winter never leaves! But the leaves are all out now… everywhere! Waves of different kinds of flowers have bloomed and fallen.

This morning I changed my address officially and picked up a letter from home. It made me so happy and emotional to see their handwritings. The rest of the day has been upbeat since I got hold of it. Lunch tasted great, babies were cuter, skies were bluer etc. 🙂 And people seemed to be waving and smiling at me. I asked one of them how I knew him and he said I had come to see his house before I had found one. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t remember him. He had such a pleasant face. The feeling was similar to when you play Bejeweled (a Facebook game I have become addicted to after training with Gemswap ) and you get lots of points quickly and effortlessly almost like the game wants you to score higher and higher! 🙂

I watched a movie called Across the Universe yesterday which had lots of Beatles songs in it 🙂 I seem to have a lasting obsession with things from the 60s… No idea why I relate to it so so much! Well of course they made good stuff back then…. like my parents 😉

It’s nice to know when someone understands your jokes. Germans don’t seem to understand my humour.

Anyway, I am mostly packed. I brought home some work and the evening will follow according to plan 🙂

I hope all of you are healthy, happy and living every precious moment of existence to the full! 🙂

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