LfE 6: Classes are Intense


Hello everyone!

The weather this week albeit two days in the middle has been pleasant with sunny blue skies. This is most unexpected in Edinburgh but a joy to us although the wind can be a real bully while walking; pushing us forward and backward with no warning!

Classes have been hectic and some days even without lunch breaks. Intense!! But the following weeks will be less so.

How did I think I was desensitised? I felt sick when one of my profs said ‘this can cause nice damage to the mouse brain…’ I even wrote on my notes that ‘scientists are cruel’. It is sad that no one else questions it.

I got a number finally and quite a fancy phone with internet on it etc. I think on the whole this week I’ve spent more time out of the house than in and I’ve been eating and sleeping with no sense of time discipline. I reprimand myself and will strive for being more orderly from now on. The house is quite messy so we’ll spend time after lunch today on that.

I also need to read more. The two friends who I watched Grey’s Anatomy with yesterday we’ll probably discuss the papers we read. Would it be mutualism, commensalism, or symbiosis?

It’s a wonder I don’t have much else to say this time.

I hope all of you are doing well; healthy, happy, etc.

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